Why it's really important to "Like" and "Share" the Eagle Lake Chamber Facebook Page!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Do you find yourself looking at posts on the Chamber Facebook page and planning your week, looking for businesses or services or just seeing what's coming up? Well if, like the Chambers missions statement, you want to help Eagle Lake grow and attract tourists it's VERY important to click that little button and "Like", "Laugh", "Sad", etc..... It's even MORE important to share posts on your page. Here's why:

When a post gets liked in any manner it improves its rankings, shows engagement and overall this promotes the Facebook page to the world! You may think it nothing but acknowledging your feelings to the posts on the page can have a BIG impact on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Facebook rankings. It takes little to no effort and can help all the businesses and people of the community. So get click happy!!

Sharing is even MORE Important! When you "Like" and "Share" - now there is not just local engagement but there is a connection to all your friends and family, wherever they are! Then if they "Like" and "Share" a post can sometimes go "Viral"! Can literally change things overnight! I personally have a ol' military buddy (He was Army while I was Navy but I never hold that against him) who took a picture of a sandwich he ordered at a podunk, backwoods of Indiana, family restaurant. Within a few days he had hundreds of likes and 5,000 shares.... generating over 300,000+ other likes and shares - around the world! The restaurant was inundated with orders and visitors..... even from Europe! How much did that cost the restaurant or his local community? NADA!! (I told him it was because he was wearing a Navy shirt but he swears it was his good looks..... Yui thinks it was just the size of the sandwich.)

So don't be too passive with the Facebook page or the Blog posts about Eagle Lake! These simple things promote the great things about Eagle Lake and the GREAT people in it! (With a fantastic Mayor, City Counsel and workers) Don't sell yourselves short! Let's all row (or Like and Share) together in the same direction!

Here is a great article by Joel Widmer and a great statistics link for all you data junkies like me!

The other day I read a post that went on a rant about how Facebook Likes don’t mean anything which got me thinking about my own experiences with several company’s Fan Pages and how important each Like has been in growing their page and achieving their goals for Facebook. Don’t misunderstand me, a Facebook Like on an update (that is what I’ll be referring to in this post NOT Page Likes) isn’t and shouldn’t be the goal for your page but without them it makes it awfully tough to achieve your goals. Here’s 5 reasons why:

News Feed Visibility Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist for Intel said it best, “If you don’t have any likes or comments you can pretty much count on your updates not being seen.” Even with likes and comments on posts, it’s difficult to be seen on your fans news feeds. Jeff Widman CEO of Brandglue estimates that fewer than .5% all status updates are shown in members’ Top News feed. No audience engagement = no visibility.

“Likers” Have More Friends According to Facebook+Media, the average “Liker” (someone who ‘likes’ others updates) has 2.4x the amount friends than that of a typical user and clicks on 5.3x more links to external sites than that of a typical user. That means that the people who are the most engaged on Facebook, liking and commenting on articles, have more friends. (Duh!) But taking it one step further means that these are the most important people to your Facebook page. They are not only consuming the data but engaging with it as well. Those who aren’t probably don’t have as many friends on Facebook and prefer only to consume your content.

What Your Friends Like Matters Facebook’s default news feed setting has an algorithm that only shares what it thinks you’ll like the most. It determines that by not only which pages, posts and pics you’ve liked in the past but what your friends ‘like’ as well. Let me explain:  If you and 5 friends like a company’s page and none of you interact with the page after that, you won’t see their updates very often. BUT if those 5 friends all liked or commented on an updated, chances are you’d see that update as well. If it’s important to your friends and they like it, it may be important to you.

Likes Mean Social Proof Remember the story of the two ice cream shops? If you were looking for an amazing ice cream cone and came across two shops side by side, one with a line out the door and the other that was empty, which one would you be drawn to? Probably the one with all the people because it HAS to be good right? If someone comes to your fan page and all they see is your posts down the entire page with no engagement from your audience, there really isn’t too much motivation to like the page. People are a lot more likely to interact if they see others already doing it.

Blogs with Facebook likes integrated into their posts generate more traffic Now that Facebook has allowed website and blogs to integrate the Like button into every post, Fan page owners are able to increase exposure to Facebook networks of every person that likes a post. When you click on the like button on a blog post, it automatically shows up in your news feed just like it would if you were to share a link. Check out the statistics from early implementers of the Facebook Like Social Plugin

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