Summer Party at Vivian's Historic Venue

My fiance (now husband, yay!!) Dave and I received a party invitation from Vivian and Homer a couple of days ago and we decided to check it out and see what was going on there.

(Sorry I started with my own picture again lol)

We actually didn't know what the party was for and didn't have a lot expectation, but turned out the food and drinks were good, the whole party was wonderful just to hang around with friends on a nice summer weekend night and enjoy some fantastic food.

Simple but awesome BBQ omg they were so good

Some of the best coleslaw when I don't even like vegetable!!

I still don't quite know what the party was for but I would assume it was a belated birthday party for Vivian and just treated it as my bachelorette party since I was getting married today (July 28th) whoop!! (Sorry birthday girl lol)

But seriously, I didn't even know it would be such a good party. If y'all are hosting any event at Vivian's (or somewhere else), make sure people know what is going on and all the attractive details for family and friends to look forward to.

Hey Vivian and Homer, y'all almost got me missing the chance to have the best banana pudding and sesame seed cake ever!! Advertise well next time so I won't miss any good food!

(Now that I'm married I can eat whatever I want and get fat yay!!)

Vivian and Homer were nice as usual to make sure everyone was happy, I sure had a good time (with all the beer of course lol). And it was also nice to hang out with everyone there from kids to Judge Stan (the wisest man in the house). Well, as a graduate student you don't get to meet fun people all the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What I love about this place and these people is that they are always nice and take care of you before they have their own good time. Especially when Homer checked my beer bottle every 10 minutes to make sure I was enjoying "my bachelorette party" lol

Honestly if I'm looking for somewhere to have my event, Vivian's Historic Venue is definitely one of my top choices. For the best and nicest bartenders and their awesome catering partners.

(I was arguing with my fiance the night before our wedding just because he forgot to pack me some brisket, but you can't blame me, they were just too good.)

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