6.26 Chamber Evening Mixer

What’s better than enjoying good wine?

Enjoying good wine while meeting great business leaders and getting business done!!

Dave and I were pleased to present the new website to the Chamber members and spent the evening with all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen!

For me, I was impressed by how energetic and diverse a small town like this can be. Some people are natural business people, passionate and talkative, some are just like me, a bit quiet and shy. But wow I sure knew some of the best and nicest people in the Chamber events and met some of geeks like myself. (Yep my cryptocurrency buddy I’m talking about you!!)

If you want to meet business leaders, get good business ideas or simply see what’s going on in town, come to some of the public events and join the Chamber member!

Or if you’re just like me, well, I won’t admit that most of the events I was here mainly for those amazing food from those awesome cooks in town...

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