Converging in Eagle Lake, which is located in Colorado County, Texas major vegetation zones and three subzones bring an abundance of wildlife not found elsewhere in Texas. Hundreds of species of birds inhabit the lake and its outlying areas. Among Audubon Societies followers through out the United Stales, Eagle Lake is known as a bird watcher's paradise. For more information about birding in Eagle Lake and Colorado County, call the Tom Waddell Outdoor Nature Club at 979-234-5981

The most watched bird year-round in Eagle Lake is the Attwater's Prairie Chicken; a species protected the federal government. The Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1972 to preserve and restore critical habitat for the endangered Attwater's Prairie Chicken. Much of the refuge became a preserve in the mid - 1960's when the Nature Conservancy of Texas and the World Wildlife Fund purchased about 3,500 acres of land. Approximately 8,000 acres are currently managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The refuge is located in the heart of the upper tens coastal tall grass prairie in Colorado County. Visitors may observe and photograph many species of wildlife and plants along the refuge's two mile automobile tour route and two walking trails. Limited picnicking facilities are available. For more information call 979-234-3021 or visit www.fws.gov/southwest/refuges/texas/attwater/index.html.

Every winter Eagle Lake's year-round wildlife inhabitants take a back seat to millions of   invaders from the north. During those months Eagle Lake becomes the home of the largest concentration of migratory waterfowl in North America. Known internationally as "The Goose Hunting Capital of the World," Eagle Lake is the wintering site for all species of geese and ducks that migrate the great Central Flyway. They feed on grain stubble in the surrounding rice and corn fields. The geese provide one of Eagle Lake's largest industries - goose hunting. Each year thousands of hunters pour into Eagle Lake for the finest waterfowl hunting to "be had anywhere." Hunters come from all parts of the U.S., Mexico, Europe and the Far East. They seldom go away empty handed. Go to our Hunting Page.


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